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permanent references

Our catalogue beers are ale fermentations, inspired by classic styles, with the aim of offering wholesome, warm flavours, with a constant balance, so you will always find that essence full of intensity, taste and quality.

limited editions

The Experimental beers are a line that reflects our creativity and the passion we feel for craft beer. They are beers that enable us to combine all types of ingredients, processes and nuances, which aim to transform the interpretation of the more classic styles, resulting in a new, completely different version, without forgetting the natural essence and quality that dominates our beers.

limited barrel-aged editions

The concept of the Wood Series takes us to a new dimension. The beer is transformed during a long ageing process in oak barrels of all kinds (red and white wine, brandy, whisky, tequila....). Multiple yeasts, bacteria and different microorganisms intervene in this process, which very slowly and by means of a new fermentation, gradually acidify the beer, and transform it into something completely different from its original state.
The passing of time, the long maturation, many months of ageing, including years, make the beer full of complexity and extraordinary notes of oak wood that recall wine or other drinks that have very similar fermentations.

limited barrel-aged editions

With the Dark Wood Series we want to go beyond the laws established with any dark or even malty style. Our oak barrels, which had previously conserved several distillations during years and generations, now host beers of high alcohol content and density.
The passing of time, the long maturation, many months of ageing, including years, make the beer replete with complexity and extraordinary alcohol nuances that recall the distillations they contained.

Gose craft beer Oloroso Barrels
pack degustación barrel aged cerveza artesana -7%
cerveza roja con cerezas
Cerveza envejecida en barricas de Oloroso
pack de cervezas personalizado Sale!
cata cervesa artesana
Cerveza Ale Down by Law
pack regalo cerveza artesana -5%
Cerveza Gose
Cerveza Belgian IPA
cerveza Imperial black sour

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