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Barrel Room La Calavera

Brett The System

Few people could imagine that Mikel Mendizabal and Marc Baulida, founding partners of La Calavera, with their hobby of home brewing, would finally make their passion their current line of work. 

La Calavera was founded around 2011 in a farmhouse in the county of Ripollès, which housed the first steps and which, gradually, would become an established brewery within the craft beer world on the peninsula. 

Initially the brand, with its own factory located in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, was founded with ale fermentation of a very classical nature, with a very reduced production of around 30 HL per month. Then it took the path of gradually delving into experimentation, as well as in Barrel-aged Beer, the specialisation of beers aged in all types of barrels. Constancy in maturation, the effort, and the dedication that these styles require, have established a stable product, aimed at a sector of public that is more demanding, expert, and with a vision far beyond the traditional concept of beer. Today La Calavera has increased its production to an average of approximately 75 HL per month.