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Cerveza envejecida en barricas de Oloroso
Gose craft beer Oloroso Barrels
pack degustación barrel aged cerveza artesana -7%
cerveza roja con cerezas
Cerveza envejecida en barricas de Oloroso
pack de cervezas personalizado Sale!
cata cervesa artesana
Cerveza Ale Down by Law
pack regalo cerveza artesana -5%
Cerveza Gose
Cerveza Belgian IPA

Cerveza artesana en Girona

La Calavera coop

La Calavera is a craft beer project of a highly experimental nature. Despite the fact that in its beginnings, and in fact today as well, we produce beers of traditional fermentation, our identity today within the craft beer world is highlighted by our more adventurous and, above all, barrel-aged beers. The specialisation in barrel-aged beers, whether in the dark or wild/sour styles, provides us with a dynamic of constant research and learning. Our beers increasingly stand out for the maturation, ageing and passing of time, which brings another definition of complexity and nuances.

Our aim is to achieve very high quality in small and limited productions. Quality as the main focus of our raison d’être.


La calavera

Our aim is the search for a singular product of quality, coherent with the environment that surrounds it. These days we are immersed in the Wood series, beers aged in oak barrels of all types, red wine, white wine, sweet wine, whisky, rum… We achieve a range of more alcoholic, acid, spontaneous fermentations and subjected to time and ageing. A line of beers that fuse all types of styles with the character of wood and a wide range of flavours and nuances. 

cerveza La Calavera