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With a 100% natural process, our beer is the result of the biochemical process made with traditional ingredients from the land: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. Each stage of this process has a totally artisanal effort and dedication behind it, which rejects industrial methods. Our goal is the pursuit of a singular and quality product, coherent with the environment that surrounds it. These are the beers of our catalogue.


India Pale Ale

7,6% 33cl.



Imperial Stout

8,5% 20cl.



Cascade-Pale Ale

5,5% 33cl.



American Wheat

5,1% 33cl.


First Aid Kit | 3 Elixirs for psychotherapies.

The Pack comprises 3 bottles of Medical Stout versioned for the occasion. A bottle of original Medical Stout, (Imperial Stout 8.5%, 90 IBUs), another of the Svensk Vodka Stout version, (Original Medical Stout blend Svedka Vodka 11.3%, 90 IBUs) and the last the Irish Republican Stout (Original Medical Stout blend Bushmills Whisky 10%, 90 IBUs).

Wood series | The itinerants.

The Wood series are beers aged in oak barrels of all types, red wine, white wine, sweet wine, whisky, rum... We achieve a range of fermentations that are more alcoholic, acid, spontaneous and subject to time and maturing. It is a line of beers that fuses all types of styles with the character of wood and a wide range of flavours and nuances.



Wheat Ale

 6,3% 37,5cl.



Imperial Stout

11,8% 37,5cl.




Belgian Trippel

11,8% 37,5cl.




Red Sour

 8% 37,5cl.



Sour Grape Saison

  8,6% 37,5cl.



Sour Aged

7,1% 37,5cl.



Imperial Porter

10,8% 37,5cl.


La Calavera | Beer traffickers.

La Calavera was founded in 2012, with its introduction within the Riembau associated work cooperative that it shares with the La Barricona restaurant, with which it maintains a gastronomic-brewing joint project. We produce craft beer. Far from industry. Close to the hops. And the malts. And their flavours and aromas.


We have a catalogue. And we also do weird stuff. And we collaborate. Because we are how we are and, above all, because we come from where we come. And we come from the mobilisations against the colonial Fifth Centenary. And we come from Rock Antimili. And we are the result of the popular cultural associations. And we are social centres. And now we make beer. Yes. And what’s more, you’ll like it.

Opening times.


From Monday to Friday


From 9 a.m. to 12.20 p.m.

And from 1.20 to 5 p.m.




Tel. 972 72 11 01

Riembau | Associated work cooperative.

From “That’s how it goes” to “It goes how we want it to”, from the collective project, and that’s how in 2009 in Ripoll the Cooperativa Riembau SCCL was founded. And in our minds a shared goal: to take forward a project of social cooperation, in the county of Ripollès. And perhaps because we begin to go back in some things and we have been able to discover what we don’t want and what does not interest us, here we are, committed to self-organisation at work and food sovereignty… from the land to the table!



We are La Calavera and also La Barricona, the cooperative’s diner. With carefully devised menus. Both during the week and at weekends. Balanced and made according to the market, the season and the local producers. Traditional cuisine. Cooking that makes you lick you fingers. Traditional fare and combined with flavours from all over using the latest cooking techniques.


Planeta Calavera | Weird stuff.

Well yes, we make beers, and we also enjoy organising the craft beer festival (Brewtast), give guided visits around our installations and, why not, design our own weird stuff.



Brewtast is the result of the fusion of two passions: cuisine and beer. In our installations of La Barricona, during the last weekend of July, we hold a fair dedicated to craft beer.  During these days we open the doors of the cooperative to different producers who set up a stand with their product and, from the restaurant, offer attendees the result of a year of tests based around the dishes we have been working on in each seasonal menu. As parallel activities we offer tasting sessions, competitions and production workshops.



Click on the poster to see more Brewtast.

Mapa | La Calavera.

Located in the Cal Gat industrial estate in Sant Joan de les Abadesses.



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